History of Refreshing Springs Church

  History of Refreshing Springs Church  


Refreshing Springs Church was birthed out of a Home Bible Study that started in 1992 under the leadership of Emory Brown.  God had placed on the participants’ hearts a mission: the perfecting of the saints, equipping them for the work of the ministry, and edification of the body of Christ for the Glory of God.  By October 1993, the group had grown, moved to a larger facility, and started Sunday and Wednesday evening services.

Even though Emory had been ordained by the Church of God in Christ in 1988, he was led not to take a position with that denomination. After months of prayer and seeking God’s direction, the congregation was led to become a part of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Northeast District in October 1994. The Northeast District was formed in the 1930’s, and includes all of New York State, except New York City.  Pastor Emory Brown was the first African American to be ordained in the Northeast District. 

In November 2005, the leadership and congregation of the Refreshing Springs Church voted to reincorporate as Refreshing Springs Ministries and to no longer associate, but appreciate the ten year history, with the Christian and Missionary Alliance (www.cmalliance.org).

In 2012, after praying about using more resources for the Lord’s work, the congregation voted unanimously to sell the church property and to rent a location for Sunday Services.  This decision enabled the fellowship to devote more finances to the discipleship and the spreading of the Gospel. 

Refreshing Springs Church is now an independent church; we adhere to the doctrines of grace, and the London Baptist Confession of 1644.  With regard to what the Apostle Paul referred to in 1 Corinthians 12-14 as spiritual gifts, we are non-cessationist (the work and gifts of the Spirit did not cease at the end of the first century or at the closing of the canon in the fourth century), though we do not agree with unbiblical expressions of the gifts as found in many churches today.  Our journey has, since leaving the Christian and Missionary Alliance, taken us into biblical theology and the Antioch tradition of interpreting scripture literally in its context according to the author's intent.  We have become involved with the work of BILD International through its First Principles Series and its Antioch School (church-based theological education). We have also been working with other churches regionally and internationally to encourage them to follow the Antioch tradition and so continue to fulfill the Great Commission of Matthew 28.  By the grace of God, we're working with several other churches in the Western New York region through Sundoulos (http://www.sundouloswny.org/) in conjunction with BILD International's First Principles series, and through the Antioch School.

Look for us to announce soon our Television/Radio ministries as well.  We continue in the calling God has given us as a family of families. As we have seen our people sent to Ecuador, Canada, and soon Cameroon, we continue our work in Uganda and Cuba as well as locally in fulfilling the Great Commission.  

Refreshing Springs Church meets at 2057 Genesee St., Buffalo, NY for Sunday Service and at several home groups during the week.