Recommended Sites

Recommended Sites
Noah and Cate Brennan - Missionaries in Ecuador
Noah and Cate Brennan left Refreshing Springs Church to serve God in Ecuador through a ministry called Compassion Connection.  Keep up to date on what God is doing through them, and know how to pray for them, as you click on this link and read their newsletter.
BILD is the acronym for Biblical Institute of Leadership Development. BILD has recently launched the Antioch School that is training the people of God for church planting and leadership. This ministry founded by Jeff Reed has thirty years experience internationaly and locally. Emory is currently working as an urban coordinator to help Antioch School bring glory to God in the city. Checkout  as well, The training and philosophy of ministry is extraordinary.
9Marks wants to help local churches re-establish their biblical bearings and re-think their ministry methods. We exist to help local church pastors and leaders in the discovery and application of the biblical priorities that cultivate health and holiness in the local church. Click the link and  learn more about the people of 9Marks, how they understand the problems confronting the church today, and the solutions they propose.  Refreshing Springs Church is a 9Marks church.
Monergism offers numerous articles and other materials from a Reformed perspective - many written by the Puritans and giants of the Reformation.

Definition of Monergism: The view that the Holy Spirit is the only agent who effects regeneration of Christians. It is in contrast with synergism, the view that there is a cooperation between the divine and the human in the regeneration process. Monergism is a redemptive blessing purchased by Christ for those the Father has given Him (1 Pet 1:3, John 3:5,6, 6:37, 39). This grace works independently of any human cooperation and conveys that power into the fallen soul whereby the person who is to be saved is effectually enabled to respond to the gospel call (John 1:13; Acts 2:39, 13:48; Rom 9:16).
Grace to You - John MacArthur
From offices around the world, Grace to You extends John MacArthur’s verse-by-verse Bible teaching using modern media—radio, television, books, and the World Wide Web.
Desiring God - John Piper
This is John Piper's website.  John Piper is pastor for preaching and vision at Bethlehem Baptist Church in the Twin Cities of Minnesota (aka Minneapolis-St. Paul).  The "About Us" section of the website states "Everything we do aims to spread a passion for the supremacy of God in all things for the joy of all peoples through Jesus Christ. Learn how we accomplish that, and how you can join us in the mission."  Here at Refreshing Springs Church, we've used John Piper's Desiring God Sunday school curriculum in our children's Sunday school class.
Logos Bible Software
Bible study software providing access to thousands of titles, including commentaries, dictionaries and original language texts.  Refreshing Springs Church's Pastor Emory Brown uses this software and very highly recommends it.
Ravi Zacharias
Excellent apologetics site
The Master's College
The mission of The Master's College is to empower students for a life of enduring commitment to Christ, biblical fidelity, moral integrity, intellectual growth and lasting contribution to the Kingdom of God.
Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
In December, 1987, the newly-formed Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood met in Danvers, Massachusetts, to compose the Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood. Prior to the listing of the actual affirmations that comprise the Danvers Statement, the Council included a section detailing contemporary developments that serve as the rationale for these affirmations. The Council offers this statement to the evangelical world, knowing that it will stimulate healthy discussion, hoping that it will gain widespread assent.  Refreshing Springs Church adheres to the Statement.