Antioch School

Antioch School
Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development
Providing church-based, competency-based theological education to the body of Christ

Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development is a ministry of BILD International (the same people who brought the First Principles Series that we use at Refreshing Springs Church and in other churches through the regional men's ministry Sundoulos).  Unlike traditional theological education that takes place on university/college campuses or otherwise outside of the local church (and, therefore, unaccountable to it), Antioch School is church-based, competency-based theological education takes place in the local church where training and equipping for ministry took place in the first century.  What is church-based, competency-based theological education?  It is theological education based in the life of churches, not schools housed in church buildings.  All the programs are designed and taught in churches, by churches, and for churches. Leaders of churches, church networks, and church-planting movements do all the training in the context of ministry.  Competency-based education in ministry training focuses on ministry skills, character development, life in community, and biblical understanding through rigorous use of outcomes assessment. In-service learning is emphasized because of the power of churches, church networks, and church-planting movements as contexts for ministry training.

Antioch School provides academic degree programs utilizing in-service leadership development for ministry in church-based contexts.  For more information, read the Antioch School brochure. and then, if you want more information, use the Contact Us link on this page.

See and hear Emory Brown, Pastor of Refreshing Springs Church, tell his story regarding church-based theological education in the video titled Serving an Urban Center.